Infrared Detectors

Night Train

NightScope™ Infrared Detectors are perfect for dramatic night operations. A southbound extra glides past the Louisville scale house on the Colorado & Southern Railway.

The NightScope™ Infrared Detector reliably senses trains in all lighting conditions. Just 3 inches long and less than 3/8 inches in diameter, the Detector mounts below your track with two small holes in the ballast between the rails. When a train is present, the Detector activates its two opposite-polarity outputs, "Detect High" and "Detect Low". These outputs are designed to drive a wide variety of popular model railroad electronics.

Reliable & easy infrared train detection for model railroads, for all scales

  • Independent of layout lighting: bright, dim, or no light
  • No false triggering from other light sources (including infrared)
  • No changes to track wiring, locomotives, rolling Production — no gaps to cut, no resistor wheel sets, no reflectors!
  • Perfect for night operations

Unlimited model railroad applications

  • Two outputs of opposite polarity deliver 200 mA each when activated — enough to directly drive relays, switch motors, or dozens of LEDs
  • Directly drives inputs to model railroad electronics from Digitrax, C/MRI, Logic Rail Technologies, ITT Sound Modules, and others
  • Delayed Response Detector holds outputs 2 seconds after train departs
  • Great for computer control applications

Simple installation

  • Self-aligning component installs in the roadbed between the rails
  • Powered directly from other electronics or a filtered 5-16 VDC supply
  • 18 inch wires for extra reach
  • Onboard LED lights when train is detected — easy to verify installation
  • Nothing to adjust

Instant Response Detector     Model No. NS-350

Out of Production.

NightScope™ Instant ResponseThe Instant Response Detector reacts to train arrivals and departures by immediately changing its outputs. This is the Detector for fast acting electronics that expect and can handle brief changes in detection, such as between railcars.

Delayed Response Detector   Model No. NS-352

Out of Production.

NightScope™ Delayed ResponseThe red-jacketed Delayed Response Detector activates its outputs instantly when a train is detected. It will hold its outputs active for 2 seconds after the train departs. This prevents outputs from "bouncing" between active and inactive during gaps between railcars. The onboard LED still responds instantly, aiding installation and testing.