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Fall River Division Grade Crossing

NightScope™ Infrared Detectors sense approaching trains and activate this double track road crossing on John Parker's Fall River Division. The Infrared Detector Applications Guide shows how to use NightScope™ Infrared Detectors with a wide variety of model railroad electronics. (Photo courtesy of John Parker)

Boost Model Railroad Operating Realism

  • Bring prototype jobs to life
  • Heighten the railroad experience for your operating crews
  • Grow the enjoyment value of your Model Railroad investment

Simple to Install, Easy to Use

  • Plug and play
  • No soldering, no programming
  • Easily customized to your railroad

RollBy™ OnBoard Speedometers

RollBy™ OnBoard Speedometer displays speed & distance on your SmartPhone.

RollBy™ OnBoard Speedometers

RollBy™ OnBoard Speedometer transmits speed (3 MPH - 200 MPH) and distance with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Radio to your SmartPhone.

Displays with free Android or IPhone App, requires Android 4.3 or iOS 9.0 or greater with BLE capability.

Continuously measures speed and distance while train is moving: current, average, max speeds, real & scale distance, elapsed running time, and more.

HotShot™ Trackside Speedometers

HotShot™ Trackside Speedometer catches speeding locomotive engineers.

HotShot™ Trackside Speedometers

HotShot™ Trackside Speedometer displays the scale speed of passing trains (3 MPH - 400 MPH) in large bright red digits. Adapts easily to KPH.

If engineers exceed the set Speed Limit, their speed will flash and an alarm will sound. There's no hiding from this railroad speed trap!

A single button push reports last train speed, train count for session, high and average speed for session, and the all time high speed record.

Mounted on a fascia faceplate, HotShot™ Trackside Speedometer includes Photo Sensors for typical room lighting — dim light requires 2 NightScope™ IR Detectors (sold separately).

TrainBoss™ Defect Detectors

See our TrainBoss™ Defect Detectors in action.

TrainBoss™ Talking Defect Detectors

The TrainBoss™ Talking Defect Detector speaks and displays 6 types of defect alarms for passing trains with the probability you assign. The Talking Detector also reports axle count, train speed and length, and temperature — just like automated detectors on the prototype. Or if you prefer, listen to the rear trainmen report defects and speeding.

WeighStation™ Track Scales

See our WeighStation™ Track Scale in action.

WeighStation™ Track Scales

With two display modes, the WeighStation™ Track Scale emulates track scales of all eras. WeighStation™ Track Scales realistically display weight when a railcar moves onto the scale track. Weight varies from car to car within a user-defined range.

BrassHat™ Announcers & Sound Recorders

See our BrassHat™ Announcers & Sound Recorders in action.

BrassHat™ Announcers

Record and play the unique sounds and messages you want for your railroad with BrassHat™ Announcer and Sound Recorder.

Pushbutton editing, built-in microphone, LINE IN recording from PCs, CD players and other sound sources makes recoding easy — no computer needed!

A variety of sound outputs and volume controls, control outputs and inputs, and automatic playback options makes BrassHat™ Announcer and Sound Recorder very flexible.

Mounted on a fascia faceplate, BrassHat™ Announcer has 5 pushbuttons to trigger up to 10 separate messages and sounds. A pre-recorded "outdoor crowd" background track is included, along with the standard user-recordable background track. Total recording capacity is 3 minutes 36 seconds.

BrassHat™ Announcer is the perfect choice for fascia-triggered passenger station, yard and industry announcements. These can be mixed with background and automatic sound playback.

BrassHat™ Sound Recorders

BrassHat™ Sound Recorder records and plays back up to 8 separate messages and sounds, along with a user-recordable background track.

Trigger playback with pushbutton switches (not included), other connected electronics, or with auto-playback options.

NightScope™Infrared Detectors

NightScope™ Infrared Detectors

NightScope™ Infrared Detectors sense trains in any (or no) light, driving LEDs, motors, and a wide variety of popular model railroad electronics.

Instant Response model (Black) turns off immediately on departure.

Delayed Response model (Red) holds detection for 2 seconds after train departs, ignoring gaps between railcars.